Question:  Are coolers allowed at the event ?

 Answer:  Yes coolers are allowed, BUT there is a NO GLASS policy that is enforced. We ask that all items brought to the event be in plastic or metal or alternative containers. Coolers and bags will be opened at a check station so that we can look for glass containers.  Thank You

 Frequently asked Questions and Answers

 Question:  Are Dogs/Pets allowed at the event ?

 Answer:   Yes. We are a pet friendly event, but due to the location of the event being at a city park you as a pet owner must    follow the laws of the city ordinance. This means your pet must be on a leash at all times and you are required to clean up

  after your pet. Please be respectful of others that are there to enjoy the event also. Thank You

JUNE 27-30, 2024



Question:   Are you handicaped friendly ?

Answer:  YES.  We are handicap friendly. We have utility vehicles available to assist any one that may need a ride from the parking area to the spectator area. If you need assistance please try and contact us prior to the event. If you need assistance and you do not contact us prior to the event you can ask one of our gate/parking attendants for assistance at the race site. We will do everything in our power to assist you and make your experience enjoyable. 

 Question:   Am I required to wear closed toe shoes in the PIT AREA ?

 Answer:  YES !!!, Closed Toed shoes are required in the PIT AREA. Every person that has a PIT PASS (Spectator, Racer or

 Child) must have closed toe shoes on in the PIT AREA. This is an INSURANCE REQUIREMENT. We will have people

checking for Closed Toed shoes in the PIT AREA, if you DO NOT have the proper shoes on you will be asked to leave the PIT AREA. The PIT AREA defined by our insurance is; "Anywhere there is the possibility of a boat, boat trailer or vehicle maybe in motion ".